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JANI-KLEEN provides quality cleaning services for homes, offices and medium sized commercial properties in Corona and surrounding cities in Orange and Riverside counties since 2006. (See current coverage area)

No matter how small or large your property is, our experienced and expertly trained cleaning technicians deliver exceptional cleaning services with the commitment to customer service excellence and your total satisfaction in mind.  

Choose JANI-KLEEN, if you need reliable cleaning services with consistent cleaning results that are always 100% guaranteed. For more information, please browse our website, contact us, or click here for a free, no-obligation estimate or price quote.

A Cleaning Service

Designed Just for You 

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No two homes are the same and no two offices are the same. They may be similar in square footage or floor plan but they are always different in usage, furnishings, occupancy, upkeep, etc. That's why cleaning services must be adjusted to the actual cleaning requirements and needs of a property. 

JANI-KLEEN offers cleaning services that are created just for you! Custom tailored to you and your property's individual and specific needs, we provide you with the high quality cleaning service you always expected!

Whether it is an office or other commercial property; an apartment, condo, house, mansion, castle or any other type of residence, we always create a cleaning plan designed to keep your property clean, safe and inviting!

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The Freedom

to Design Your Very

Own Cleaning Plan

At JANI-KLEEN, nothing is written in stone and you have the freedom to choose and design your very own cleaning service plan. 

You can elect the desired level of service you need for your property, choose the appropriate cleaning frequency and decide on every detail of the cleaning process. Everything is tailored to your specific needs!

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The Best House Cleaning Service You Can Get

Whether it is an apartment, a condo, a small or large home, a mansion, a castle or anything in between, our expertly trained cleaning technicians will take care of your home like no other cleaning company ever did in the past.

JANI-KLEEN offers a variety of cleaning services and cleaning schedules, plus maid services to help you with pesky household tasks like ironing, organizing, cleaning out closets, washing dishes, doing laundry, polishing silver, running errands, etc. Our services are pretty much unlimited when it comes to taking care of your home. 

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Customized Quality Service

Choose JANI-KLEEN for dependable and reliable commercial cleaning services and provide a clean and safe environment for your employees and customers alike. 

Our expertly trained cleaning techs deliver consistent high quality cleaning results, every time, all the time. 


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