High Quality Service

JANI-KLEEN provides quality residential cleaning services in Corona and surrounding cities.

We offer an unparalleled level of personalized service that is affordable for nearly any budget.


Currently, we service homes from 1100 to 11000 sqft. and everything in between. Whether it is an apartment or a mansion, our cleaning crews provide consistent quality cleaning results, which are always 100% guaranteed!

Quality Cleaning Service

For Your Home

On a daily basis, you need to take care of kids, school, homework, after school activities, cooking, laundry, cleaning and so much more.


Sorry, we cannot help you with the kids, homework or the cooking part, BUT we can help you keeping your home clean, sanitary and inviting so that you don't have to spend your already limited "free" time with cleaning your home.


Since 2006, JANI-KLEEN offers dependable quality cleaning services that are affordable for nearly any budget.


Our services are always custom tailored to the individual needs of your property. You can choose from a variety of cleaning services and plans to perfectly fit your home, lifestyle, family, usage, and budget.

Better Training

Better Service

Better Results

Our employees are fully trained and experienced cleaning experts.

Because every home has individual cleaning requirements, a manager or owner of JANI-KLEEN works alongside the assigned cleaning crew to instruct and train all employees on the specific cleaning needs of your property for as long as it takes to establish a cleaning routine that ensures dependable, reliable and consistent cleaning results and your total satisfaction!

Our cleaning crews will never leave before all cleaning tasks have been completed.

Environmentally Resposible

At JANI-KLEEN, we are dedicated to protecting the environment as much as possible. Because we have to work with cleaning solutions all day long, we only use non-toxic and bio-degradable cleaners for 99 percent of our cleaning services. 


We also offer 100% "Green" cleaning services for your home, where all cleaners we use are "Green" certified. However,such cleaners have its limitations and certain cleaning results may not meet your expectations.

For deep cleanings, specialty cleanings, move-in/out or post construction cleanings, we may have to use more potent cleaners to achieve the cleaning results you expect. We use such chemicals only as a last resort.

JANI-KLEEN exclusively uses ORECK hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners.

Dependable and Reliable 

When you hire JANI-KLEEN as your cleaning company, you never have to wonder if or when our cleaning crew arrives.


With a frequent weekly, bi-weekly or 4-weekly cleaning service, we assign you a specific weekday and start time that usually does not change unless your cleaning day falls on a holiday.


Prior to every cleaning service, we send you an email reminder that confirms the estimated start time on your scheduled cleaning day.


Our cleaning teams have a 99% success rate arriving within a 15 minute window of the proposed start time. Should there be an unforeseen delay due to traffic, accident, weather, car trouble, etc, we will always phone or text you to inform you about the delay.

Note: For obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee a firm weekday and start time with tri-weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning schedules. However, we always try our very best to arrange a cleaning day and start time that works with your personal schedule.

Cleaning Services

JANI-KLEEN offers several options of cleaning services and schedules.

  • Deep cleaning

  • One Time / Seasonal cleaning / Move-in/out / Post Renovation

  • Standard or Maintenance cleaning

  • Selective or limited cleaning services

  • Specialty cleaning services

  • Maid service

  • Choose from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly and monthly schedules