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Estimate vs. Price Quote?

The most asked question we hear pretty much on a daily basis is:


Our honest and most importantly, professional answer is: IT DEPENDS ON MANY FACTORS because

every home is different. Even with identical floorplans there will be a difference in usage, furnishings, setup, 

occupancy, upkeep etc. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that allows us to give a quote based solely on the square footage or the number of bed and bathrooms in a home.


When you request an ESTIMATE, we use the information you provide and compare it to homes in our portfolio that are similar in size, setup and usage. We then send you a price range with plan options for your consideration. Please note that estimates are for information purpose only and not binding.


If you want to know exactly what it will cost to clean your home, we need to arrange for a brief walkthrough of your home to gather all pertinent information about your home, evaluate your actual and/or special cleaning needs and consider the different cleaning plans and schedules.  JANI-KLEEN can custom tailor everything to the specific needs of your home, family, lifestyle, and budget. After collecting this information, we will email you a detailed proposal for your consideration. Of course, there is never any cost, obligation or sales pressure. 

Please choose between ESTIMATE or QUOTE and then complete the appropriate form. Once submitted, we will respond to your request as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours or less. 


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We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange for a quick walkthrough of your home to help you determine your cleaning needs. There is of course no obligation.